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Advanced Certification Package - Comprising of 4 Certificate Courses (Original Cost Rs. 11,496)

Course Summary

Fees : Rs 3,499/-(including all taxes)
Duration : 4 Months
Next Batch : August 15, 2021
Effort : 2-3 Hours / Week

Last Date to Apply
September 15, 2021

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Total Enrollments : 1034 Students

About this course

Did You Know! We are the only Legal Training Institute in India, which provides Internship Guarantee to top performers and Recruitment Support and Recommendation Letters to all learners.

If you are looking for internship or employment opportunities in the field of Corporate laws and IPR, this Course Package is perfect for you. The courses included in this package cover sunrise segments such as FDI as well as future-proof fields such as trademark and patent. These Job-oriented courses also help legal professionals to upgrade their skills and move up in their legal career.

The Advanced Certification Package provides you with an amazing opportunity of obtaining 4 industry recognised certifications for just Rs. 1,499, which would have normally costed you Rs. 11,496.

This Course Package enables learners to acquire skills in specific legal segments, positioning them as domain specialists in these areas. Top performers in this package (bi-annual) would be provided Internship Guarantee. Moreover, Recruitment Support and Recommendation Letter would be provided to all participants.

The courses included in this package are:

  1. Certified Expert in Trademark Law
  2. Certified Expert in FDI and FEMA
  3. Advanced Certification in Patent Filing and Prosecution
  4. Copyright Enforcement and Management - Advanced Certificate Course

The major advantage of this package apart from saving you a lot of cash is that you will be able to grab all the four certificates within just four month and add immense value to your resume.

Subscription Period

Enrolling in this Package, entitles you to access the courses forming part of this package for a period of 4 Months.

You can enroll in all the courses at once or you can choose to enroll individually in each of the four courses, depending upon your learning speed and availability. The only factor that you need to keep in mind is that, you have to take the Final Assessment for all the courses within 4 months from the date you have started your first course.

What you will learn

Focusing on the practical problems, under this package you will explore nuances of practicing some of the most upcoming fields in corporate laws and IPR. This package, in the first instance, seeks to give you a broader and deeper understanding of theoretical knowledge in the field of trademark, copyright, patent and FDI. Thereafter, such theoretical knowledge will be applied to board set of exercises simulating real life problems in order to fully appreciate how these fields are actually practiced by legal professionals. This Package also aims to strengthen your legal research and drafting skills. Regardless of whichever field of law you pursue, you will need these skills to succeed. These skills are also highly valued by employers. Once you finish all the courses included in this package, you will inter alia have working knowledge about:

  1. Certified Expert in Trademark Law
    • How to conduct a basic trademark search?
    • Step by step procedure involved in registration, protection and enforcement of Trademarks.
  2. Copyright Enforcement and Management - Advanced Certificate Course
    • The procedure for Copyright registration and practical challenges faced therein.
    • Theoretical aspects of Copyright and questions which arise in practice, in particular concerning infringement and available remedies.
  3. Advanced Certification in Patent Filing and Prosecution
    • How to prior art searches and draft patentability opinion and patent specifications?
    • Practical patent portfolio development strategies for corporates in India.
  4. Certified Expert in FDI and FEMA
    • Various types of Foreign Direct Investment.
    • Who can invest in India and what are their entry options?

Meet the Faculty

Recommended Background

This Course is most beneficial for the law students / legal professionals who are looking for employment opportunities in the field of corporate law / IPR. However, it is highly recommended for Chartered accountants, Company secretaries, Engineers, Scientists, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs interested in learning about the trademark, copyright, patent and FDI.

Special Features of this Course

  1. Participants get four certifications for just Rs. 1,499 instead of Rs. 11,496.
  2. Internship Guarantee in prominent Law Firms and Companies to Top 5 performers (bi-annual) in this Package.
  3. Recruitment Support will be provided to all candidates for securing well payinginternships / jobs with prominent recruiters in India.
  4. A Recommendation Letter will be issued to all the successful students of this Package to further increase their chances of being hired by prominent recruiters in India.
  5. All the four certifications are designed after extensive consultation with the prominent names in the Profession.
  6. All the courses are taught by practicing professionals having considerable experience in their respective field.
  7. At regular intervals, students will also be able to attend Live Sessions with the Faculty Members for clarification of their doubts and queries.
  8. Participants get a total of four months subscription and they can enroll in the courses and complete the same as per their convenience during this period.

Examination Pattern and Certification:

Participants will get separate certificates for all the four courses that are included in the package. The participants will get the certificates for the courses as soon as they complete the Final Assessment successfully and score a minimum of 50% Marks in the Final Assessment. The participants will not have to complete other courses in order to get certificate for one course.

The questions in the Final Examination will be a combination of subjective and multiple choice questions (single answer and multiple answers). Participants will be given 3 hours in toto to attempt the Final Examination for each course. However, every question in the Examination will have a fixed allotted time period, within which the Participant will have to submit the answer for that particular question. The surplus time in attempting any question will not be carried forward to other questions.

If there is some error with the internet connection or the computer Participant is using, he / she will be able to resume the Examination from the same question at any later point of time. However, this feature can only be availed up to three times by Participants for every course.

Unlike typical examinations, the Final Examination at the end of the Courses will not be conducted on a fixed date, time or place. Final Examination will be online and can be taken by the Participants from anywhere. First Attempt of the Final Examination can be taken on any date between 1st and 2nd Month from the Start of the Batch as per their convenience.

The results of the Examination will be communicated to the Participant within one week of the successful completion of the Final Examination.

If the Participant gets more than 50% marks in this attempt, he/she will be awarded with a certificate of completion of the Course.

If the Participant fails to clear the examination in first attempt, they will be provided with two more attempts. The link to second attempt will be available to Participants immediately after the link of First Attempt expires i.e., 2 Months from the starting date of the Batch. The second attempt will be available to Participants for a period of next 15 Days. Similarly, the Participants will also get a Third Attempt, the link if which will be activated 2 Months and 15 days from starting of the Batch and will be available to the Participants for a period of next 15 days.

However the participants need to note that the Final Assessment for all the four courses need to be taken within the four months from starting of the first batch. No extension will be provided to them for taking the assessment once the specified period of four months is over.

The Certificate of Completion of course will be sent to the Participants by E-mail.


  • The detailed syllabus for Certified Expert in Trademark Law can be viewed by clicking here.
  • The detailed syllabus for Certified Expert in FDI and FEMA can be viewed by clicking here.
  • The detailed syllabus for Advanced Certification in Patent Filing and Prosecution can be viewed by clicking here.
  • The detailed syllabus for Copyright Enforcement and Management - Advanced Certification Course can be viewed by clicking here.

Sample Lecture


Q. What will be the nature of course offered?

All the Courses offered will be completely online in nature.

Q. Is there any requirement of physical or contact classes?

Participants are not required to attend any Physical or Contact classes.

Q. Can I take this course from anywhere?

Yes, Participants can take this course from anywhere. They just need to have a pc / tablet and working internet connection.

Q. Do I have to attend the lectures at a particular time?

All the contents related to the Course will be available online and the Participants can attend the lectures anytime convenient to them. However, on periodic intervals Live Sessions will also be conducted by Faculty Members, dates for which will be announced in advance.

Q. If I have examinations or internships and I am not able to attend the Lectures for few weeks then how can I make up for missed lectures?

All Courses offered by us are self-paced and they can be accessed by the Participants as per their convenience. If any Participant lags behind for few weeks, they can easily makeup with very little extra effort.

Q. What is the complete admission process?

Participants first need to register themselves on the website and then they have to enroll in the package and pay the required fees. Then the participants will then have to enroll in the four courses covered in the package sepratelyas per their availability and convenience.

For Detailed Video Tutorial:Click Here

Q. What are the modes of payment for the course?

The payment can be made by the Participant by the means of Pay U Money(your payment will be coverd by Pay U Money Buyer Protection), Online Transfer (NEFT), demand draft/Cheque or by physical deposit of money in the concerned account.

Q. What browsers are suitable to visit Fusion Law School’s website?

Our website works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer (version 9 and above).

Q. Can I access the course on smart-phone or tablet computer?

At this time, our website does not fully support access with mobile devices. While most of the components of your courses will function in a mobile browser, some contents may have some problem. Thus, it is best to access the Courses offered by us using a PC / tablet.

Q. What is the mode of teaching or the teaching methodology followed in this course?

After enrollment, Participants will be allowed to use our proprietary online Learning Management System (LMS), wherein they will have access to Video lectures, reading material, Notes, Standard drafts prepared by our Faculty Members. After every Module, Participants have to attempt or submit the Assignments or Quizzes. Participants also have an opportunity to attend Live Sessions conducted from time to time (on Saturdays or Sundays) for clarification of their doubts and queries.

Q. What is the procedure related to Examination and Issue of Certificate?

After the completion of the course, Participant will be required to take an online examination, which will be a combination of multiple choice questions and subjective questions. The Participants who score the minimum marks required to pass the examination will then be provided with a certificate.

Q. If I do not pass in the exam in first attempt, can I take the examination again?

Examination link will be available to Participants for a period of time. If the Participant is unable to clear the examination in their first attempt, the next examination link will be available as soon as the first link expires. Participants can re-attempt after the new link is activated. However, Participants need to clear the examination in total of three attempts. Moreover, reattempts will be provided at no extra cost to the participants.