Certified Professional in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and FEMA

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Certified Professional in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and FEMA

Demystify Foreign Investment & Unlock India's Growth Potential: Certified Professional Program in FDI & FEMA

Empower your career with Fusion Law School's comprehensive Certified Professional Program in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & FEMA, your gateway to mastering the intricacies of international finance and guiding businesses towards successful investments in India.

Why Choose This Course?
  • Become an FDI Guru: Gain a 360-degree understanding of the Indian investment landscape, covering FDI, FPI, FVCI, External Commercial Borrowings, and more.

  • Navigate the Maze with Confidence: Master the step-by-step procedures for FDI approvals, ensuring smooth investments for your clients or business.

  • Unlock Global Capital: Learn how Indian entities can raise funds from overseas sources, fueling their growth and expansion aspirations.

  • Advise with Expertise: Demystify the various types of foreign investment, who can invest and how, empowering you to advise clients on optimal strategies.

  • Navigate Portfolio Investment: Understand the nuances of Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI), including FPI registration and regulations.

  • Sharpen Your Skills: Hone your legal prowess through interactive case studies, live Q&A sessions with expert faculty, and practical assignments that mirror real-world scenarios.

This Course is Perfect for You:
  • Aspiring corporate lawyers seeking specialization in FDI & FEMA.
  • Individuals aiming for in-house counsel roles with a focus on foreign investment.
  • Lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, businessmen, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge of FDI procedures and regulations.

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Don't miss this opportunity to become a Certified Professional in FDI & FEMA! Enroll today and unlock your potential to shape India's investment landscape.

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Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Industrial Policy of India
  • Entry Options in India
  • Types of Foreign Investment in India
  • Repatriation of Funds
  • Foreign Investment into / Downstream Investment by Indian Companies
  • Calculation of Foreign Investment

  • Introduction to FEMA
  • Transition from FERA to FEMA
  • Convertibility of Rupee
  • Residential Status
  • Hawala Transactions
  • FEMA & Money Laundering

  • What is Foreign Direct Investment?
  • Basic Concepts
  • Who Can Invest in India
  • Entry Strategy
  • Types of Instruments
  • Routes for FDI
  • Permitted and Prohibited Activities and Sectoral Caps
  • Who can handle Foreign Direct Investment
  • Bank Accounts for Foreign Investment
  • How can Foreign Investor Transfer Funds in the Account of an Indian Company
  • The Approval Route
  • Post Investment Compliance

  • FDI in Banking
  • FDI in Automotive Sector
  • FDI in Telecom Sector
  • FDI in Insurance
  • FDI in Real Estate
  • FDI in Retail Sector

  • Introduction
  • Categories of FPIs
  • Eligibility for Registration as FPI
  • Registration of an FPI

  • Important Definitions
  • Framework for Raising Loans through External Commercial Borrowings
  • Framework for Issuance of Rupee Denominated Bonds Overseas
  • Routing of Funds Raised Abroad to India
  • Raising of Loans as Trade Credit
  • Borrowing and Lending in Foreign Currency by an Authorised Dealer
  • Borrowing and Lending in Foreign Currency by Persons other than Authorised Dealer
  • Structured Obligations
  • Update on ECB Framework

  • Introduction
  • Regulatory Mechanism
  • Pros and Cons of FCCB

  • Introduction
  • Features of FCEB
  • Restrictions on Issue of FCEB
  • Permissible End Use and Other Conditions
  • Differences between FCCBs and FCEBs

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Depositary Receipts
  • ADRs vs. GDRs

Special Features of the Course:

  • Renowned Faculty : Learn from industry-leading practitioners with extensive experience in corporate law and foreign investment, gaining invaluable insights and practical guidance.

  • Unparalleled Depth : This program stands out as the most comprehensive course on FDI laws in India, offering unmatched coverage and analysis.

  • Interactive & Engaging : Live sessions with faculty and collaborative assignments foster a dynamic learning environment, ensuring your understanding goes beyond theory.

  • Real-world Ready : Our unique simulation-based assessments test your skills in a realistic corporate law setting, allowing you to utilize reference materials and collaborate, just like in the real world.

  • Convenience & Flexibility : Access lectures, assignments, and live sessions anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly Learning Management System, maximizing your learning potential.

Happy Learning!


Ketan Mukhija
Partner, Dentons Link Legal
Avinash Tripathi
Founder, Fusion Law School and Amto AI


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  • LanguageEnglish
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