Certified Professional in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Certified Professional in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Unlock Your IP Advantage: Become a Certified Professional in Intellectual Property Rights

Empower your career with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to excel in the dynamic world of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Our one-year Certified Professional in Intellectual Property Rights Course equips you with the expertise to protect your innovations, navigate legal complexities, and unlock immense commercial potential.

Why Choose This Course?
  • Master every aspect of IPR: Gain comprehensive understanding of trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, plant varieties, and more.

  • Become a confident practitioner: Learn step-by-step procedures for registration, protection, and enforcement of IP rights.

  • Navigate complex legal issues: Develop critical thinking skills to analyze IP infringement cases and recommend effective remedies.

  • Strategize for success: Formulate and implement robust IP protection strategies for your business or clients.

  • Unlock financial value: Understand key concepts of IP valuation and leverage your knowledge for monetization and branding through licensing.

  • Gain practical insights: Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios through practical exercises, case studies, and guest lectures from industry experts.

  • Master online dispute resolution: Equip yourself with the skills to handle domain name disputes efficiently.

This Course is Perfect for You:
  • Law students aspiring to specialize in IPR
  • Science, engineering, and management professionals seeking IP expertise
  • Lawyers, scientists, chartered accountants, company secretaries, engineers, and entrepreneurs
  • Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to protect their innovations

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Trademarks, Monetisation Strategy and Case Studies
  • Functions and Types of Trademarks
  • Basic Definitions
  • Practical Considerations for Selecting a Trademark
  • Trademarks Registry - Constitution & Powers
  • Conditions for Registration of Trademarks
  • Conducting Trademark Search and its Importance
  • Domestic Trademarks Filing
  • Convention Applications
  • Series Trademarks, Associated Trademarks and Parts of Trademark
  • Assignment and Transmission
  • Licencing and Entry of Registered Users
  • International Trademarks Filing
  • Trademark Opposition
  • The Why, What and How of Violations under the Trade Marks Act, 1999
  • How to Draft Cease and Desist Letter
  • Rectification of Trademarks
  • Renewal of Registered Trademarks
  • Advertisement and Trademark Infringement
  • Techniques for effective monitoring of Trademark Portfolio
  • How to Protect Trademarks from becoming Generic
  • Remedies against Groundless threats of Trademark Infringement
  • Parallel Imports
  • Merchandising of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Fees Payable
  • Amendments Introduced by Trade Marks Rules, 2017

  • Introduction and Subject Matter of Copyright
  • Basic Concepts
  • Term and Ownership
  • Rights Granted
  • Copyright Office & Copyright Board
  • Registration of Copyright – Procedure
  • Assignment, Transmission & Licensing
  • Copyright Societies – Formation & Role
  • Performer's Rights
  • Royalty Computation in Publishing Contracts
  • Broadcast Reproduction Rights
  • Infringement of Copyright
  • Permitted Actions in Relation to Copyright
  • Remedies for Infringement of Copyright

  • Industrial Design Introduction
  • Registration of Industrial Designs
  • Restoration and Cancellation of Designs
  • Piracy of Registered Designs
  • Remedies Against the Piracy of Registered Designs

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
  • Registration of Plant Varieties
  • Duration, Effect of Registration and Benefit Sharing
  • Farmers’ Rights
  • Compulsory Licence
  • Plant Varieties Protection Appellate Tribunal
  • Infringement, Offences and Penalties

  • Introduction
  • Rights Granted by Registration
  • Registration Procedure
  • Registered Users
  • Infringement for Layout Design
  • Remedies for Infringement
  • Layout Design Appellate Board
  • Compulsory Licence
  • Rectification and Correction of Register

  • Introduction and Historical Backdrop
  • Basic Concepts and Inventions not Patentable
  • Prior Art Search – Part 1
  • Prior Art Search – Part 2
  • How to Draft Patent Specifications?
  • Type of Patent Applications
  • How to File Patent Application
  • Patent Opposition - Pre grant and Post grant Opposition including Case Studies
  • Grant of Patent and Post Grant Formalities, Rights of Patentee, Restoration of Lapsed Patents
  • Patent Revocation
  • IPAB: Jurisdiction and Procedure in Patent Cases
  • Patent Infringement
  • Working of Patents and Compulsory Licenses
  • Drafting and Registration of Patent Related Agreements
  • Patent Portfolio Development

  • Introduction
  • Conditions for Registration of GI
  • Register of Geographical Indications (“GI”)
  • Application for Registration of Geographical indication
  • Registration Procedure
  • Authorised User Registration
  • Rectification of Geographical Indication (“GI”)
  • Appeals
  • Enforcement of Geographic Indications
  • Renewal and Restoration

  • Introduction to IP Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation and Raids

  • Introduction
  • Procedure for Domain Name Dispute Resolution

  • Introduction to IP Valuation
  • Why do we need IP Valuation
  • IP Valuation Mtehods
  • Cost Based Methods
  • Cost Based Methods
  • Income Based Methods
  • Qualitative Valuation

  • Introduction to IP Management
  • Value Chain and Framework on IP Mangement
  • IP Strategies
  • Strategic Considerations for IP Management

  • Basic Concepts
  • How to Draft an IP License Agreement
  • How to Draft Grant of Rights Clause
  • Licensing Issues with Specific IPRs
  • How to Negotiate the Appropriate Compensation in IP Licence
  • How to Draft Obligation of Parties Clause
  • How Draft “Improvements, Enhancements and Modifications” Clause
  • How to Draft Term and Termination Clause
  • How to Draft Conflict Resolution Clause
  • How Draft Other Common Clauses

  • Introduction
  • Requirements for Consideration of Information as Trade Secret or Confidential Information
  • How to Protect Trade Secret or Confidential Information
  • How to Draft Confidentiality Agreements
  • Remedies Against Breach of Confidence

Special Features of the Course:

  • Developed by industry leaders : Curated by renowned IP professionals with over 150 years of collective experience.

  • Expert faculty : Learn from practicing IP lawyers, patent agents, and academics who bring real-world insights to the classroom.

  • Comprehensive curriculum : The most exhaustive and up-to-date program on IPR available, exceeding the depth of conventional programs.

  • Interactive learning : Live sessions with faculty, online discussions, and collaborative projects foster a dynamic learning environment.

  • Real-world assessment : Our unique evaluation system simulates the professional experience, allowing you to use reference materials and collaborate, just like in an IP law firm.

  • Convenient online learning : Access lectures, assignments, and live sessions anytime, anywhere, through our user-friendly Learning Management System.

Happy Learning!


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Managing Partner, Vohra & Vohra
Swapna Sundar
Legal Strategist and Senior Partner, PVS Giridhar Associates - Law Chambers
Mini Gautam
Founder and Managing Partner, Arthavat Law Offices
Vivek Ranjan Tiwary
Associate Partner, Singh & Singh Law Firm LLP
Avinash Tripathi
Founder, Fusion Law School and Amto AI


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