Advanced Certification in Patent Filing and Prosecution

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Advanced Certification in Patent Filing and Prosecution

Become a Patent Powerhouse: Build Your Thriving Career in India's Booming Legal Niche

40,000+ Patent Applications Annually. Are You Ready for Your Piece of the Pie? This intensive, industry-focused course equips you with the practical skills and knowledge to dominate the high-growth field of Patent Law in India.

Why Choose This Course?
  • Unleash Your Earning Potential: Tap into the booming demand for skilled patent professionals, commanding lucrative salaries and career stability.

  • Ditch Theory, Embrace Reality: Go beyond textbooks and dive into the real-world trenches of patent prosecution, filing, and litigation. Learn from leading practitioners who live and breathe this field.

  • Master Every Facet: Gain comprehensive coverage of the Indian Patent Law landscape, from prior art searches to infringement issues and strategic portfolio management.

  • Your Dream Job Awaits: Stand out from the competition with in-demand skills and knowledge. Secure your dream job in top IP firms, corporations, or even launch your own successful practice.

This Course is Perfect for You:
  • Law Students: Specialize in patent law and command attention in the competitive legal market.
  • Technical Professionals: Leverage your expertise and transition into a rewarding career in patent law.
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Protect your innovations and maximize the value of your intellectual property.
  • Anyone Passionate About IP: Immerse yourself in the world of IP and unlock your career possibilities in this dynamic field.
What You'll Master:
  • Demystify Patent Law: Gain a rock-solid understanding of its principles and real-world applications in the Indian context.

  • Become a Search Ninja: Learn how to conduct thorough prior art searches, ensuring your inventions are patentable and protected.

  • Draft Like a Pro: Craft compelling patentability opinions and patent specifications that stand up to any scrutiny.

  • Navigate the Filing Maze: Conquer the step-by-step process for registering and prosecuting patents with confidence.

  • Handle Oppositions with Finesse: Understand the nuances of pre-grant and post-grant opposition procedures and effectively represent your clients.

  • Litigation & Beyond: Delve into the complexities of patent litigation and explore non-litigious aspects like licensing and portfolio management.

  • Software & Biotech Expertise: Gain specialized knowledge in patenting these rapidly growing areas and unlock even more career opportunities.

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Invest in Your Future!

Enroll today and embark on your journey to becoming a patent law powerhouse! Open doors to lucrative career opportunities, gain the respect of your peers, and build a thriving future in this dynamic and impactful field.

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Course Content

  • Introduction and Historical Backdrop
  • Basic Concepts and Inventions not Patentable

  • Prior Art Search – Part 1
  • Prior Art Search – Part 2

  • How to Draft Patent Specifications?
  • Type of Patent Applications
  • How to File Patent Application

  • Patent Opposition - Pre grant and Post grant Opposition including Case Studies
  • Grant of Patent and Post Grant Formalities, Rights of Patentee, Restoration of Lapsed Patents
  • Patent Revocation

IPAB: Jurisdiction and Procedure in Patent Cases

Patent Infringement

Working of Patents and Compulsory Licenses

Drafting and Registration of Patent Related Agreements

Patent Portfolio Development

Special Features of the Course:

  • Guaranteed Internship: Secure valuable real-world experience with our internship guarantee for top performers, giving you a competitive edge.

  • Recommendation Letter: Boost your resume and attract top employers with a personalized recommendation letter from our industry experts.

  • Expert-Crafted Curriculum: Designed in collaboration with leading IP professionals with over 150 years of combined experience.

  • Industry-Leading Instructors: Learn from practicing lawyers, not academics, gaining real-world insights and practical advice.

  • Live Faculty Sessions: Engage in interactive discussions and Q&A sessions with the faculty for deeper understanding and personalized guidance.

  • Modern Evaluation System: Focus on practical application and problem-solving, utilizing books and internet research to replicate the real-world work environment.

  • Convenient Online Learning: Access high-quality materials, engage in interactive discussions, and learn at your own pace.

Happy Learning!


Soumili Das
Patent Attorney & Corporate Counsel
Vivek Ranjan Tiwary
Associate Partner, Singh & Singh Law Firm LLP
Avinash Tripathi
Founder, Fusion Law School and Amto AI


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  • Duration2 Months
  • Internship SupportYes
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  • Effort per Week2-3 hrs.
  • LanguageEnglish
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