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Advanced Certification in IP Valuation and Management - Learn the skills to excel in this field

Course Summary

Fees : Rs 2,499/-(including all taxes)
Duration : 4 month
Next Batch : August 15, 2021
Effort : 1-2 Hours / Week

Last Date to Apply
September 15, 2021

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Total Enrollments : 1522 Students

About this course

Join India’s most industry ready course on Intellectual Property Valuation, designed by partners from top Law Firms and directors from some of the top companies in the world. Their cumulative legal experience is more than 150 years and they manage hundreds of legal professionals on a daily basis.

Do you know how to value your client’s trademarks or conduct patent valuation?

Do you know the factors that enhance or diminish the value of IP assets?

Do you know how to develop a framework for effective management of an IP portfolio?

If you don’t, most likely you are not properly assisting your clients in monetising and managing their IP assets. Numerous studies report that intangible assets now represent at least 70% of corporate value. IP intensive industries such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and computers are always on the lookout for trained professionals for protecting and managing their IP assets.

We believe the next decade will witness a surge in demand for trained professionals who can value and effectively manage IP Assets. So, we have developed this Certification to help you acquire inter-disciplinary knowledge and the skill set required to excel in this niche practice area.

Why You’ll Love our IP Valuation Course

Why you will love our IP valuation course

Happy Learning!

What you will learn

  • Why do we need IP Valuation?
  • Various methods and approaches for IP Valuation.
  • How to manage various IP assets and develop a framework for the same?
  • How to draft an IP licence agreement?

Meet the Faculty

Recommended Background

  • Lawyers or law students looking to specialise in intellectual property laws

  • Lawyers or law students looking to build a practice in IP valuation

  • Lawyers or law students looking to work for technology, publishing, FMCG, pharmaceutical or media companies

  • Entrepreneurs and decision makers who want to understand IP valuation


1. IP Valuation

  • Introduction to IP Valuation
  • Why do we need IP Valuation?
  • Various Methods for IP Valuation
  • Cost Based Methods
  • Market Based Methods
  • Income Based Methods
  • Options Based Methods
  • Qualitative Valuation
  • When to use which Method?
  • Case Studies

2. IP Management

  • Introduction to IP Management
  • Value Chain and Framework for IP Management
  • Strategies for invention and new product development
  • Strategic Considerations for IP Management

3. IP Licensing

  • Basic Concepts
  • How to Draft an IP License Agreement
  • How to Draft Grant of Rights Clause
  • Licensing Issues with Specific IPRs
  • How to Negotiate the Appropriate Compensation in IP Licence
  • How to Draft Obligation of Parties Clause
  • How Draft “Improvements, Enhancements and Modifications” Clause
  • How to Draft Term and Termination Clause
  • How to Draft Conflict Resolution Clause
  • How to Draft Other Common Clauses

Sample Lecture

Recent Success Stories: You could be next!

Varun Mathur

Varun Mathur

Associate at Dua Associates

Seeks to impart an education which is a fusion of theory and practice.

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Aakriti Saxena

Aakriti Saxena

Associate Legal Counsel at AT&T

Courses are very well designed and make your basics Strong.

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Ayush Jain

Aayush Jain

Legal Assistant Intern at Reliance Industries Limited

Not only rich in theory but also provide a whole lot of practical knowledge.

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Atrayee De

Atrayee De

Trainee, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co

Unlike what we learnt in text books it talks about real world issues.

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