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Certificate Courses in Foreign Investment (including FDI)

Around US$ 44.9 Billion of foreign equity was invested in India in last financial year and such a huge and ever growing Industry will always needs lawyers to advise the Investors. However, despite FDI being a major revenue earner for Law Firms is seldom taught in Law Schools. Fusion Law School in order to bridge this gap is launching following Certificate Courses in FDI:

Certified Professional in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and FEMA | 40% Discount for Early Birds

Course Summary

Fees : Rs 7,999/-(including all taxes)
Duration : 9 Months
Next Batch : August 15, 2021
Effort : 1-2 Hours / Week
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Certified Expert in FDI and FEMA (To Claim Inaugural Discount use Code FD75 - For first 1,000 Seats)

Course Summary

Fees : Rs 3,999/-(including all taxes)
Duration : 2 Months
Next Batch : March 15, 2022
Effort : 1-2 Hours/ Week
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Advisory Board


The Members of Advisory Board are associated with Fusion Law School only in an advisory capacity and their views are personal in nature. They don’t have financial or other interests in Fusion Law School and don’t exercise any control over the day to day Management of Fusion Law School.