Why Choose Fusion Law School?

Legal Profession is extremely competitive and getting in top law firms or prestigious corporate houses of India is even tougher. Even the most liberal estimate predict such vacancies to be in the range of 800 to 1000 per annum. With more than 900 Law Schools in India and around 1 Lakh law students completing their education to join the profession every year, you don’t have to be a genius to appreciate the level of competition you will be facing after passing from Law School. To secure these jobs you have to be in top 1% of your entire batch. To put this in perspective, getting goods jobs in legal profession is as tough as securing a seat in top Four National Law Schools of India.
So, it is quite clear that just getting good grades in law school is not enough, you have to have some competitive edge over your peers to secure such jobs. That’s when Fusion Law School comes in to the picture. Our structured training programs on various subjects of law will enhance your practical knowledge, skills and proficiency in the actual day-to-day practice of law and gives you a distinct professional edge in a competitive environment.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Us

  1. Curriculum for our Courses are prepared by prominent figures from the legal profession, which include partners from top law firms and in house counsel of large companies in India.
  2. Our Courses are exclusively taught by practicing legal professions with considerable experience in their respective fields.
  3. Courses provided by us follow the Fusion approach of education, wherein equal importance is provided to theoretical as well as practical aspects of law.
  4. Our Courses are specially designed to enhance the employability potential in every Participant.
  5. We have a functioning Internship and Placement Cell, which helps the Participants in career planning, building functional resume, learning the art of networking, preparing for an interview etc. We support our Participants in every possible way to hatch an internship or a job!
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