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How to claim fee waiver using Gift Certificate / Voucher

Congratulations on receiving a Gift Voucher / Certificate from Fusion Law School! Gift Voucher / Certificates issued by us entitles the Recipient to claim Fee Waiver equivalent to its Face Value on the Courses offered by us.

The Detailed procedure for redeeming the Gift Voucher / Certificate is as follows:

1. Click on Courses Offered from top menu or View Courses button from home page to see list of all courses offered by us.

2. On the Courses offered Page, select the course that you wish to enroll in and click on Read More Button.

3. On the page dedicated to the Course selected by you, click on the Enroll Now Button.

4. Enrollment in our Courses is a two stage process. In the first Stage, fill up the details required in the Register Page. If you already have an Account with us, click on Login Button. After, that you will be directed to our Enrollment Page.

5. In case you are not directed to Enrollment Page, you will be redirected to My Courses page (as shown in the picture below), please click on click here and follow the Steps 2 and 3.

6. In the Second Stage, fill up the details required in Enrollment Page. On the same Page select the Payment Mode convenient to you, and most importantly, on the same page, enter the Coupon Code / Referral Code mentioned on your Gift Voucher / Certificate in Referral Code section. Then click on Enroll in Course button.

7. If you select Online Payment option in Payment Mode then you will be redirected to PayU’s page. Enter your details required and proceed further.

8. If you select Demand Draft / Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit in Bank in Payment Mode then you will be taken to page with the required information that you need to make payment.

9. The fee waiver equivalent to the Face Value of the Gift Voucher / Certificate will be provided to you.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Gift Voucher / Certificate issued by us may only be used for whole or part payment for the courses offered by us.
  • Only one Gift Voucher / Certificate can be used while registering for a Course.
  • Gift Voucher / Certificate are non-transferable in nature and their resale is prohibited. They must be used by the person in whose name it is issued.
  • Other offers and promotions do not apply when enrolling in the Courses using Gift Voucher / Certificate.
  • Gift Voucher / Certificate must be used before the Expiry Date mentioned on their back and in failure to do so, any corresponding unused balance shall be forfeited thereafter.
  • You cannot redeem Gift Voucher / Certificate at any other website.
  • Gift Voucher / Certificate will not be exchanged wholly or partly for cash.
  • We are not responsible if a Gift Voucher / Certificate is lost, stolen, destroyed and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.
  • We retain the right to cancel the Gift Voucher / Certificate issued by us without any prior notice to the Recipient.
  • Questions, comments and requests regarding Gift Voucher / Certificate Terms and Conditions are welcomed, you may contact us via email, call or Contact Us Form.

Still have some doubts, use the Contact Us Form to get answers to your specific questions.